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+Pure Vitamin-C (Beauty in Pure Essence)

Revitalizing and Antioxidant Programme

Time: 60 mins
Price: 900 AED

This is a unique vitamin C treatment to give you an anti-aging boost. The Vitamin C used in this treatment is derived from the freshest of oranges which are specially cultivated in valleys of the Alps in Switzerland. The Facial consists of a structured combination of five types of Vitamin C products to enable maximum absorption and long lasting results. The Treatment begins with a Vitamin C Exfoliative to increase the absorption of the products. This is followed by a pure Vitamin C applier and 100% pure Vitamin C. Then a Vitamin C Mask is applied to lock in the products for 20 minutes. This is followed by a Vitamin C Emulsion to ensure long lasting results.

The Revitalizing & Antioxidant Programme is an effective Anti-Ageing treatment which helps to repair damage done in the past and protects your face from free radicals. It is ideal for all seasons to fight against premature skin ageing thanks to the wide range of benefits provided by each its main active ingredients, Pure Vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Achieve an explosion of softness and brightness thanks to this professional programme, with visible results from just the first session.