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Home visit nurse In Dubai
Home care nurse in Dubai: Gift your loved one with expert care

It is a taxing period when we have an ailing family member. During this time, when we are emotionally broken and physically stressed out, if we get an experts outside help, won’t it be quite relaxing and relieving?

We all know that the elderly and the ill/frail prefer to stay at home as much as possible, especially if it is going to be for a long period. If the clinical treatment can be provided at home, then nothing can get better than this. Here is how a home care nurse can help you:

  • The treatment will go hand in hand with the comfort of staying at home. Home care nurses in Dubai are specialists in taking care of our loved ones in a professional manner yet with a personal touch.


  • The centers of home care providers in Health Call Dubai have a team of nurses who are skilled in health management round the clock.


  • Once you subscribe to the services of home care, you will be designated a dedicated nurse who will take care of the health, wellness, and daily lifestyle needs.


  • The nurses are experienced to handle the health maintenance of the clients. They are given an extensive medical knowledge so that they can carry out the therapies to the best of their ability and medical treatment in a safe way.


  • These nurses are not only adept in providing medical services to the patients but they help patients with their daily routine tasks too such as taking care of personal hygiene, brushing the teeth, feeding the patient, sponging, helping them to go to washroom, on bed care, changing clothes, combing the hair, transferring from one place to other, and much more.


  • When you employ a nurse, he/she will first assess the condition of the patient and then develop a customized care plan. The strategy will be built on the basis of the health problem the patient has, the preference of the patient, and their


  • The level of care is so high that the nurses also gladly spread smiles as they work to further assist the patient. The nurses are not only medically trained but they are also expected to practice values like compassion, dedication, politeness, and providing motivation to the patients, so that the patient does not only improve physically but emotionally too.


  • In short, they are not only a highly experienced nurse but also a friendly companion.


  • You will easily find certified and licensed nurse services in Dubai especially with Health Call.


  • They are handpicked by the agencies who look for compassionate and hygienic team of nurses.


  • The health care providers also take care of running a background check for every nurse and they are vetted on the parameters of references, skill test, subject knowledge, and other tests. This is how a high standard of care is delivered to the clients.


How Dental Veneers can Help Improve your Smile?

A good smile is mostly acquired and seldom passed down as lineage. However, dental veneers play a pivotal role in increasing your confidence by offering a life-changing, dental-related experience. That said, before we start considering using dental veneers, it is necessary to consider their physical structure and the main advantages offered, before making the final decision. Firstly, it is important to understand that porcelain veneers come across as laminates that are precisely placed at the front portion of the teeth to recreate a natural and youthful smile. Veneers, therefore, are perfectly capable when it comes to enhancing the positioning, color, and shape of the dental structure besides concentrating precisely on that sought-after white and healthy looking smile.

How Dental Veneers can help?

While laser teeth whitening procedures are quite powerful, there are times when they fall flat on the face in case of extreme teeth discoloration. This is where dental veneers come into the play as they help combat even the more extreme instances and even issues pertaining to irregularly positioned teeth.

Another benefit of having dental veneers is that they come in useful when there are a lot of gaps between individual teeth. This way, it becomes possible to treat minor cases of teeth alignment with immediate attention. Dental veneers in Health Call Dubai are extremely affordable and always administered by skilled and experienced professionals. What’s important to note is that even worn and fractured dental linings can be treated if veneers are added into the scheme of things.

Understanding the Procedure in Detail

Dental veneers need to be administered by experienced professionals and require initial consultations. In most cases, standalone procedures hardly take more than two sessions to complete and that too after taking minimal preparations, temporary restorations, and impressions into account. Moreover, experienced dentists also look to include mock ups into the procedures by stimulating the preferred smile with a digital design. However, dental veneers in Health Call Dubai are seamless procedures and clinics like Health Call offer additional consultations to their patients.

Dental Veneer Longevity

If you are looking to ascertain the longevity of dental veneers, a ballpark figure of 15 to 20 years is what clinics usually promise. What needs to be taken a note of is that veneer material is extremely durable and while they can break under immense pressure, decent oral hygiene and care are more than sufficient to keep them up and running. However, regular dental checkups and maintenance are still necessary.


Dental Veneers hardly require any additional care but only periodic checkups. The best case scenario, however, is to brush at least two times a day with a powerful fluoride toothpaste besides flossing at least once, on a daily basis. In addition to that, if you have the habit of teeth grinding, night guards are often added into the treatment, especially if you are considering Health Call for getting Dental Veneers in Dubai. 

Which is the Best Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai?

In order to explore the never-ending world of cosmetic surgeries and advanced skin care regimes, it is necessary to connect with the best aesthetic clinics in and around Dubai, specifically if you are from the Dubai. However, some cosmetic procedures can be highly intricate and it would require exceptional levels of skills and expertise to carry them out to perfection.

Health Call and Skin111 clinics, therefore, are amongst the best aesthetic clinic in Dubai that has the capability of offering the best choice of services to its patients and at highly competitive rates. What needs to be understood is that reputable clinics like Health Calland Skin111 have dedicated cosmetic treatment procedures for every body part that requires attention.

Cosmetic Options for the Face

Some of the better aesthetic clinics in Dubai make sure that top-notch, state-of-the-art equipment sets are provided for attending the face-specific aesthetics. Most importantly, Health Call and Skin111 takes the technological prowess to an entirely new level by customizing techniques on the basis of facial structures and other metrics. Some of the featured standalone procedures in regard to face include complete face-lifting, double chin fat reduction, cheek lifting, neck lifting, and more.

Cosmetic Treatment for Breast

Breast surgeries and adjustments are capable of enhancing the confidence of an individual, precisely from a psychological point-of-view. Health Call , therefore, makes sure that credible services are rendered to the patients and they are always accompanied by breast specialists for lending exceptional levels of confidentiality, privacy, and expertise. The existing processes include breast reconstruction, implant replacement, breast reduction, breast enlargement, and more.

Cosmetic Options for the Body

Health Call and Skin111 clinics have an extensive network of trained physicians who are always present for attending to any cosmetic requirements on the body for making the patients feel and look their best at all times. While the majority of procedures are extremely hi-tech and completely painless, they are basically patterned based on the personal preference of the concerned patient. The existing processes include tummy tuck, liposuction, labiaplasty, Fat grafting, buttock implants, and body transformation. – Not sure if you want to include all of  these listed treatements..?

Why Health Call or Skin111 clinics?

While the mentioned areas are necessary to consider when it comes to setting the table up for aesthetic and cosmetic treatment, not every clinic is the same when it comes to attending to the patients in a professional and highly professional manner.

Therefore, Health Call and Skin111 can be regarded as the best Aesthetic Clinics in Dubai as it comes across with an exceptional conglomerate of physicians, surgeons, with the best range of equipment and expertise plus much more.


Home visit doctors in Dubai: An emergency life saver!

It is observed that during a medical emergency, the situation often becomes panicky. Having the contact number of a home visit doctor in your phone at that time of need can prove to be a life saver.

• There are many doctors on call in Dubai who are available 24/7, 365 days a year, to attend to their patients. Even if it is a national or private holiday, they will be available for you.

• The process of calling a home visit doctor in Dubai is simple and quick. All you need to do is to dial the number of the doctor, book an appointment, and your doctor will be on his way to your home.

• The doctors make sure to reach you, wherever your place is – your home or office or a hotel, within 60 minutes or sooner.

• The home visit doctor will be skilled enough to diagnose the patient and perform the right treatment as much as they can.

• The doctor may also suggest one or more tests which can be done in a laboratory and later the patients can share the results with the doctor to understand further treatment process.

• Alternatively, the appointment can also be booked online or through chat and WhatsApp.

• The goal of the home visit doctors is to provide an emergency care so that the patient feels better in terms of health and he/she can get back to their normal routine in life as soon as possible.

• The medical services or agencies have teams of skilled doctors who specialize in different fields such as general physicians, nursing, pediatrics, obstetrics, physiotherapists, and many more.

• They have an extensive experience in their field backed by an in-depth medical knowledge, so that they can provide the best and immediate medical services.

• The home visit doctors in Dubai at Health Call are registered with the DHA or Dubai Health Authority.

• They carry all the necessary medical instruments, and equipment that they may need while treating the patients. If you think that a rare piece of equipment may be needed in your case, you can ask them to carry the same while booking an appointment.

• The doctors provide customized services and are always prompt and prepared to treat any emergency condition such as injures, stroke, attacks, etc.

• If you are thinking that these doctors on call may charge you a huge amount of money since they are providing emergency services, then you must not worry. The home visits doctors at Health Call Dubai provide quality care with an affordable fee. Just imagine, getting the best treatment at your doorstep with great value, isn’t it an amazing option?

• Other than the emergency services, the mobile doctors can also visit your place for general consultation, nursing care, children or newborn services, preventive healthcare, lab testing, and much more.

hollywood smile in dubai
How to get a Hollywood Smile in Dubai?

Amidst the increasing trends of teeth bleaching and whitening, there are a few considerations that need to be prioritized before moving ahead with the process. While some define this as a quest towards a bright ‘Hollywood’ smile, it actually means quite a lot more for the individuals who most likely already has many reasons to smile about but lacking confidence over their teeth colour or shine.

Based on surveys and research studies conducted by leading cosmetic dentists and general physicians, it is necessary to take a note of the fact that yellowish dental stains are massive confidence dampeners and therefore we should restrict our consumption of coffee and tea as the first step towards combating the same.

How to Start with the Process?

The first step towards getting a Hollywood smile in Dubai is to opt for the laser whitening process which is capable of lightening the existing dental shade by at least 2 times. However, before moving ahead with the process, it is necessary to understand the pros and cons of the process and even the existing set of benefits available.

Firstly, in order to achieve a Hollywood smile in Dubai it is necessary to for non-invasive teeth whitening procedures. What needs to be understood is that this process essentially targets the quality of the tooth surface and refrains from damaging the same under any circumstances. Moreover, Hydrogen Peroxide is the most active whitening ingredient and once the compound breaks down under normal circumstances, additional oxygen reaches the enamel and makes the dental frame look whiter. This is where Health Call can assist you as a credible clinic by providing some of the best procedures and dental applications available for the concerned patients.

Starting the required Procedures

Firstly, ‘teeth whitening’ isn’t an intricate procedure and usually involves a non-invasive laser whitening process. However, even the smallest aspect of the entire procedure is initiated under expert supervision; precisely the ones involving applying a fine gel orrubber shield on the gums for additional protection. Once the gums and surrounding areas are protected, the concerned physician applies a whitening gel that speeds up the process; specifically in the form of power whitening.

Understanding the Eligibility Criteria

For someone looking to consider teeth whitening, it is necessary to ascertain the reasons for the same. Firstly, some individuals prefer shining white teeth regardless of their eating and drinking habits. Most importantly, age related factors do show up and these are some of the more important reasons for getting the procedure done. In addition to that, the inclination towards drinking tea, red wine, and coffee are also some of the reasons why dental shades turn darker and people have to rely on laser whitening and other relevant teeth whitening techniques.

Does Getting a Hollywood Smile in Dubai come with Side-Effects?

As always, we should mention about the existing side-effects of any dental procedure before moving ahead with the initiation. While certain individuals do complain of sore throat, white patches, and gum irritation, the effects are usually temporary in nature and not so common.


Getting a Hollywood smile in Dubai is certainly possible if the individuals starts by considering their options and chooses their procedural selections with caution. Health Call clinic, therefore, is one such establishment for someone who is concerned about his or her dental health as the practitioners there are extremely skilled and driven towards helping individuals address physical inadequacies with immediate attention and care at all times.


Glutathione in Dubai: Why is it important for you?
A dose of الجلوتاثيون is quite popular in Dubai and worldwide as it is a safe and effective treatment. Glutathione is a component which is naturally produced by the liver and it is also found in some fruits, vegetables, and poultry. However it often reduces in supply especially when you grow older and external supplement is needed to maintain good health.
Here is what you should know about Glutathione:
• Glutathione is critical for the body because it is an antioxidant and it helps in various processes of body and chemical reactions such as combating free radicals, repairs body cells, building tissues, producing necessary chemicals, detoxification, making protein, and strengthening immunity.• A decrease in glutathione also happens due to environmental and lifestyle factors such as stress etc.• Glutathione can also decrease in those suffering from cancer, HIV, diabetes, hepatitis, and Parkinson’s.• You can find Glutathione easily in many clinics in Dubai including Health Call.

• If you are thinking how to take a dose of Glutathione, then you must know that there are different ways of taking Glutathione. الجلوتاثيون can be taken as an injection which goes directly into the muscle. Often Glutathione injection is given to the patients who are recovering from their cancer treatment and are undergoing chemotherapy. It is also an important medicine for the males who are suffering from infertility.

• Glutathione Dubai can also be inhaled to treat lung disorders and fibrosis, which is another way to take glutathione dose.

• Some doctors in Dubai give glutathione through intravenous injection or IV where the solution directly goes into the blood stream. Intravenous glutathione is often given to the patients of anemia and kidney disorders. If you are a heart patient, Parkinson’s disease patient or a diabetic, then also you can take IV of glutathione.

• Glutathione can treat cataracts, glaucoma, prevents aging, alcoholic addiction, asthma, cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, hepatitis, liver diseases, AIDS, fatigue, loss of memory, inflammation, inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, and Parkinson’s disease.

• Talking about the skin benefits of Glutathione, this medicine may not lead to the skin whitening but after a few sessions of glutathione mixed with vitamin C, you can expect a brighter, clearer, and glowing skin. People often take glutathione treatment in Dubai for a youthful glow.

• The doctors also say that the glutathione therapy helps the tissues of the body to repair, making the immune system better, and significantly reducing the production of melanin which is responsible for the pigmentation of the skin.

• The amount of melanin in the body decides the color of the skin and body. The higher the melanin, darker is the color of the skin. By reducing the melanin production in the body, the glutathione can lead to a fairer skin.

• There are many wellness and skin centers in Dubai where you can get this therapy done and one of the leading clinics is without doubt Health Call and Skin iii clinics.

Teeth Whitening in Dubai: How to Keep Your Smile Healthy

Teeth may lose color or get stained for an assortment of reasons. If you need to make them shinier and whiter, it’s important to do it safely. There are a few alternatives to investigate. You can visit your dental specialist for teeth whitening in Dubai or make an attempt at-home brightening products. While there are some reactions from using teeth brightening, most traditional brightening medications are safe to use as per the instructions.

There are two options to regain your teeth color:

Through Home Remedies such as –

  1. Baking Soda: It’s an easily available food substance that gives a better result with time. Continuous use of baking soda produces white shiny enamelof teeth. Apply it all over your teeth twice a day and be prepared to have a change in your smile.
  2. Homemade Tooth Whitener: The combination of baking soda, coconut oil, hydrogen peroxide, and peppermint essential can bring a magical change in your teeth color.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar: The Apple cider vinegar is rich in acetic acid, which is a good antibacterial agent. It is not only helpful in whitening the teeth but also keeps your mouth free from other oral diseases.

Through Clinical Treatment such as –

  1. Bleaching: This process lasts for a maximum of 1 hour. It is purely done with the help of medical equipment and sometimes combined with laser too. There are many precautions and post-treatment guidelines that are must to follow.
  2. Tray-based: Tray-based tooth whitening processes are accessible both expertly and OTC. This technique includes the utilization of a fitted plate containing carbamide peroxide-dying gel worn for 2 to 4 hours every day or medium-term. More often than not by adhering to the manufacturers directions tooth brightening is perceptible in a couple of days, helping the teeth by 1 or 2 brighter shades.
  3. Whitening Strips: It is considered to be one of the easiest waysto make your teeth look white. It has some time limitations, though modern dental science has developed a few strips that keep your teeth whiter for a long time.

There are several ways to treat your yellow teeth but more than that we have a lot of other ways to keep them naturally white. You just need to follow the below lifestyle points:

  1. Clean your teeth twice a day. Change your toothbrush every 6 months for better performance.
  2. Consult with the dentist to know the exact and correct way to brush your teeth. Brushing in a wrong way can harm your teeth.
  3. Drink water. The acidic effect of the food can be washed away by drinking water after eating anything. Also, a good quantity of water absorption makes your gums strong.
  4. It is highly suggested to visit your dentists every 6 months.

A good smile can make a good impression of you. Teeth whitening in Dubai is available at different clinics including Health Call and we recommend you to choose wisely. Have healthy teeth, gums and keep smiling.

doctors on call dubai
Doctors on call Dubai: medical treatment at your doorstep!

Sometimes we are unable to go to the doctor ourselves for many reasons such as an emergency situation, the patient’s inability to move, lack of time, lack of transport, and many more. At that time, if we get an option of the medical services at our doorstep, it will be very convenient for us.

  • There are many healthcare centers in Dubai who have a team of learned and expert medical professionals who are not only skilled in their job but are mobile too and able to attend you anytime anywhere you need them.
  • Doctors on call with Health Call Dubai are available seven days a week for 365 days a year, round the clock for your emergency needs. Providing such prompt service needs a very high level of commitment and dedication, and this is exactly what they are taught and trained in.
  • Especially in the times of a medical emergency like an injury, stroke, attack, or some other criticality, it will be great to have a doctor right at our home or workplace within a short time of making a call, to provide us emergency diagnosis and treatment.
  • All you need to do is to make a call on the given number, book an appointment, tell them the details such as the date, time, and the place and they will reach you as per the instructions given to provide an impeccable healthcare solution as soon as possible.
  • Even if it is not an emergency, you can seek their services in various departments like pediatrics, gynecology, skin care, STD’s, wound care, pain management, post-operative care, general physician, infections in bladder and kidney, maternity, preventive illness, and many more.
  • Other treatments such as IV injections, IM injections, IV fluids, IV vitamin therapy, nebulization, oxygen therapy, respiratory therapy treatments, skin care management, physiotherapy, and oral medications also are provided.
  • In short, efficient medical practitioners who are always available are determined to providing a quality service to their clients as per your needs.
  • If you feel that you are too busy and you cannot take out time from your schedule to see a doctor and get some important tests and check-up’s done, then the doctors on call at Health Call Dubai can offer you packages of CBC, BSL, test of vitamin, BP measurement, hormone check, check-up of liver and kidney, heart check-up that includes ECG, body mass index, vaccinations, and much more at economical prices.
  • The doctors on call in Health Call Dubai are licensed and registered with Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Dubai is home to many well-established health home care centers who provide various kinds of medical faciliteis and treatments.
  • Some Health care providers are also registered with Dubai Multi-Commodity Centre or DMCC and the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health (UAE – MOH).
Carboxy treatment in Dubai: Look better, look younger!

Technological advancement has happened in many fields. Possibly the best use of technology has happened in the field of medicine. Not only did the incessant advances in pharma and medical treatment assist to save millions of people, but medical cosmetology also helped them look and feel better. One such nonsurgical treatment is Carboxy. This is what you should know about Carboxy:

  • Carboxy is becoming a popular treatment in Dubai and around the world, an increasing number of people are getting benefit from it. There are many health centers or clinics in Dubai who perform a successful علاج الكربوكسي treatment.
  • Carboxy therapy is also known as CDT which means carbon dioxide therapy. In Carboxy Dubai, CO2 is injected in the body using a needle. Since the body wants to get rid of CO2, it immediately responds by producing oxygen laden rush of blood to the area.
  • Carboxy is a safe treatment and can largely help you in getting rid of your skin problems.
  • Since carboxy leads to the increased blood circulation, it improves the capillary and makes the skin rejuvenated too.
  • Various benefits of Carboxy include body sculpting, skin rejuvenation, getting rid of the stretch marks, eliminating acne and scars, skin laxity, skin brightening, revitalizing, oxygenation, cellulite, reduce ageing symptoms such as lines and wrinkles, dark circles under eyes, skin tightening, improves blood circulation, repairs collagen, destroys fatty deposits, and much more.
  • Mostly the Carboxy treatment is taken on the face, neck, lower neck, arms, thighs, and abdomen.
  • Depending on your skin area and severity of the condition, the dose and the depth of the injection is decided.
  • Carboxy treatment takes a time of around 20 to 30 minutes per session.
  • There are no known side-effects of this treatment. Though you may feel that your treated skin is warm for the initial day, which happens because of the increased blood circulation. Some people may also experience a sensitive skin where the injection was given. It is also quite possible that after the treatment, your skin appears a bit swollen, but within a few hours, you can expect the swelling to completely go away.
  • Some aesthetic centers in Dubai also provide a Carboxy facial in which a face mask is applied in the skin to stimulate it and improve the facial texture significantly.
  • There are many people who are prone to having acne on their face, for them the Carboxy treatment has come as a savior. After the treatment, they will be able to sport a flawless skin.

So, if you think you are losing your facial elasticity or you notice the ageing signs on your face such as wrinkles or pigmentation, then you should consider trying this non-invasive Carboxy therapy done at one of the good skin clinics in Dubai such as Healthcall and Skiniii clinics.

Need Medical attention anytime, anywhere? Doctors on call is the way to go!

Health care industry has undergone a tremendous change. Apart from new inventions and technology, health care professionals have also been through change. 

Availability of doctors only at the hospital and that too at a specific time has become a thing of past. Today, doctors on call Dubai is a big service industry. In addition to helping the patients, it also offers a varied experience to doctors. 

Health is of utmost importance, and therefore, health care professionals are always in demand. With the facility of doctors on call, you can now avail their expertise 24/7. You need not wait for the weekend to get over or the night to pass.

Emergencies can crop up anytime, and doctor on call becomes a boon. Though it benefits everyone, doctors on call Dubai, more importantly, make life easy for an elderly sick person or disabled person who are unable to visit the doctors. 

Even kids cooperate more with doctors if they are being examined in the comfort of their home. 

Doctors on call can be useful for various reasons. 

  • Medical emergency
  • Diagnosis and consultation
  • Regular medical checkup
  • Attending medical need of a bedridden patient or an old patient or a disabled person
  • Follow up visit after a significant illness or a surgery
  • Overseeing medicine intake
  • Performing minor treatment for a wound or other such health condition

Doctor on call not only offers the flexibility to patients but ensures timely care and guidance. As we know that particular health condition needs immediate attention, and doctor on call provides the same. 

Where to find Doctors on call Dubai

Many clinics are offering doctors on Call services at a premium price. Health call, on the other hand, offers it at an affordable price. All health call doctors are qualified American doctors and are certified by DHA. 

Receiving treatment at home improves the recovery speed and is also more convenient for the family members. By availing the doctors’ on-call service, one can be sure of getting a hospital like treatment in the comfort of your home. Also, Health calls doctors respond within 1 hour, ensuring timely handling of the needy one. 

Health call provides backup support of a specialist, general physician, and medical practitioners to its on call visit doctors. Thus a patient gets comprehensive treatment and consultation. 

All doctors on board are trained in their respective field. This ensures that you get accurate diagnosis, treatment, and follow up discussion.

Health call multi-specialty clinic is renowned for offering various health and wellness services. From on call doctors Dubai to Homecare and many more, they have the expertise and the experience in the industry. 

Once you experience their expert and professional services, you will not be happy with anyone else. Also, they have various packages for various need and pocket. So, if you are looking for an on call doctor for you, friend, children or your parent, Health call is at your service. 

Connect with them, and you are sure to get an instant response for your need – anywhere, anytime.


Glutathione Injection – A blessing for your skin

Stress, pollution, modern lifestyle, and no time for self-care are the biggest enemy of our wellness. A health of a person can be judged by the way his skin is. Healthy skin has a natural glow, whereas unhealthy skin is dull. 

The stress causes toxins and free radicals in our body. These radicals, in turn, block the skin and causes wrinkles, blemishes, and other sign of aging.

Our body naturally produces glutathione. It is a hormone that detoxifies the body and removes free radicals. Thus, it is responsible for our glowing skin and good health in general.

With increasing age and pollution, our body is unable to produce enough glutathione resulting in skin aging at a young age. To combat this, the beauty industry and cosmetology have come up with Glutathione injection Dubai.

Glutathione injection Dubai treatment infuses the glutathione into your bloodstream resulting in healthy skin and healthier you at the end of the procedure. 

Why opt for Glutathione injection Dubai?

As it is a new concept, people are apprehensive about opting for this IV treatment. Below are some facts that can help you make an informed decision. 

  1.   Glutathione is a natural chemical produced in the body. The injection also uses natural glutathione making it 100% natural
  2.   As the method of administration is an injection, it directly enters the bloodstream. This shows a faster effect than taking oral medications.
  3.   Usually, pediatric needles are used. This makes the entire process pain free and scar-free. 
  4.   The treatment needs around 45 to 60 minutes making it convenient and time-saving option even for people with a hectic schedule
  5.   Due to it being a natural body component it involves no risk and side effects
  6.   It not only enhances your skin health but is also beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing

The procedure

Health Call, a renowned clinic in Dubai, has one of the best Glutathione injection Dubai treatment available. Here is the process that they follow

  1.   Consultation – When you contact them for the first time, they carefully note down your medical history and your expectation from the treatment.
  2.   Information – Before planning the treatment, the staff will explain the procedure in details. They will also share the pre and post-care to be taken if any. And will also help you clear any doubt that you may have. 
  3.   Planning the treatment – As per your requirement, the expert staff will chart out a treatment plan for you. This will include the number of sessions, frequency of courses, and total time commitment for the entire treatment. 
  4.   Administering the drip – The actual process is pain-free. After locating the right nerve, the doctor or a qualified nurse will put the IV. You can sit or lie down as per your comfort and relax until the session gets over. 

Health Call uses only government-authorized medicine, drips, and equipment. Also, the staff is DHA licensed and expert in their respective field. So, if you also want to go for Glutathione treatment, Health Call clinic in Dubai is your best and the safest choice. 


Glutathione Dubai

Our body has all the ingredients to keep us healthy. However, with increased stress and fast pace living, our body needs external help to maintain our vitality. It is a common knowledge that as we grow our body grows too. And this hampers the functioning of certain organs. To combat this regular exercise and balanced meal are need of the hour. 

Hectic schedules, however, prevents from maintaining a well-functioning body. This is where modern medicine is very useful. A multispecialty clinic like Health call in Dubai offers various treatment that helps in better living. 

One of the popular treatment is injecting Glutathione Dubai. Glutathione is a super antioxidant that promotes vitality and fair skin. Glutathione is a chemical generated by the liver and is mainly responsible for our healthy skin. It also determines the color of your skin. 

As we age it is natural that our body also slows down. This causes the sign of aging in the body. However, the increased stress level is responsible for the early onset of the aging sign. These signs include skin blemish, darkening of the skin, non-glowing skin and so on. 

With the correct dose of Glutathione Dubai, one can reverse and prevent the aging of the skin. The Glutathione also helps in skin brightening treatment. 

Skin color has always been a sensitive subject. With the introduction and acceptability of Glutathione Dubai treatment, skin color debate is thing of the past. Today, with the help of professional like Health call, one can get the skin tone as desired. 

Following are the main areas that benefit from injecting Glutathione Dubai

  1. Skin – Injecting Glutathione in the bloodstream helps in ensuring skin whitening. It also works great as an ant-aging injection. Also, the right dosage ensures that your skin glows and you get back your vitality. Also, since it is administered directly into bloodstream its result is also visible immediately. It is a popular form of treatment for celebrities and those in the fashion industry. 
  2. Health – Apart from the beauty aspect, Glutathione Dubai, is also helpful in preventing and treating various disease and addictions. It helps with alcoholism, Alzheimer, cancer, asthma, Parkinson disease to name a few. It also is used in treating metal and drug poisoning.

Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle. The multispecialty clinic, offering modern beauty treatment,  therefore, is common in Dubai. However, the advantage of dealing with a clinic such as Health call are multifold. Health call clinic has a professional medical team. 

They are expert in the field. Before initiating treatment of Glutathione Dubai, they take your requirements, health condition, and medical history. As per the gathered information, the doctor will prescribe the treatment customized for you. 

The dose, duration, and frequency of your treatment is a crucial decision and health call has qualified staff to carry out this responsibly. Also, Health call offers a home visit for various treatment. So, you can book an appointment for your home or workplace at a time convenient to you. Thus, if you are looking to experience the magic of Glutathione Dubai, Health call is your best choice. 


Injectable Vitamin Cocktail – The Best Anti-aging Treatment

If nature already abandons you or you begin to see some signs of age (or often lack of care or excessive sun) there are wonderful new treatments that are not so invasive to significantly improve the quality of the skin and signs of the age, particularly some people prefer something like having to get to surgeries, we think that if one is doing simple “little things” you will not need them, today we want to tell you about a treatment that we found absolutely wonderful, since it nourishes the skin from within and results are progressive, it is the “injectable vitamin cocktail” that you can get at هيلث كول in Dubai.

It consists of IV therapy Dubai that is a technique in which an active product is deposited on the skin, through micro injections, and thus be able to achieve what the creams do not achieve, to cross the horny layer of the skin and reach the dermis where the fibroblasts (cells that make collagen, elastic and hyaluronic acid).

Already the fact of crossing the skin 1-2 mm is a mechanical stimulus for the fibroblast and if they add vitamins, minerals and nucleic acids, among others, they are giving raw materials to make more fibers and thus recover the skin of the damage of the age!


  • Skins with photo-damage (sun damage you abused and you did not take care of yourself)
  • Dry and opaque skins (you are not one of those who have taken great care of yourself?)
  • Young skins (to prevent aging)
  • Skins that present their first fine wrinkles
  • Mature skin (to slow aging)
  • Flabby skin



  • Attenuates fine and superficial wrinkles (do not confuse with too deep wrinkles or very marked grooves)
  • Hydrates the skin in depth
  • Provides luminosity
  • It improves skin texture
  • Re-affirm
  • Slows aging

IV therapy Dubai is not a new treatment. But the fact that it has been practicing for many years and the rage it causes between celebrities and mortals (especially when they turn 40), confirm the sweet moment they are experiencing. And we say sweet because more and more doctors are praising its benefits and have explored its possibilities to create new treatments on demand adapted to almost all needs. 

If a woman gets this treatment frequently she will recognize it noticing her skin much fresher, juicier and healthier.

It can be affirmed that this protocol can be one of the best anti-aging secrets for the women who best age. The IV therapy Dubai and hyaluronic help to obtain an activation in the production of collagen, elastic fibers and this results in a resplendent skin, hydrated, signed and revitalized. And, is not that what we want when we seek to age naturally?

In addition to the ability of this treatment offered by هيلث كول in Dubai to improve the quality of our skin, it has other benefits. It improves elasticity of the skin, correct small imperfections such as open pores and provides luminosity. But depending on the composition of the vitamin cocktail that we are going to inject may serve as anti-aging, to treat acne or certain scars.

The incorporation into everyday life is immediate. There is no swelling since the infiltrations are very superficial. Yes, we can have a slight reddening characteristic of the puncture, but in a few minutes it disappears, says the Doctor from هيلث كول in Dubai, who explains that if the patient is very sensitive, topical anesthesia is used to relieve the condition.”IV therapy Dubai is one of the simplest procedures there is,” he adds.


Vitamin Drip – The elixir of wellness

Dubai is well-known for offering the best of everything. From shopping experience to tourist experience. From luxurious lifestyle to exquisite boutiques. And stepping up the game is the emergence of beauty and wellness clinics. 

Beauty and Wellness clinic offer modern yet natural treatment to enhance your wellbeing. Latest to hit the market is IV therapy. It is very popular with rich and famous. 

IV therapy is injecting the nutrients that your body needs through intravenous. Vitamin drip dubai is once such IV treatment that promotes health from within. 

As we know, vitamins play a vital role in keeping our body healthy and well-functioning. However, modern lifestyle is impacting our eating habits. Poor eating habits lead to missing out on critical vitamins. 

The low intake of vitamin naturally impact the health resulting in low energy level, unhealthy skin and hair, and compromised immunity. Vitamin IV therapy helps in maintaining proper vitamin influx in the body. 

Advantages of Vitamin drip dubai

  1.   Natural and Harmless – These drips contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. These are natural and contains no chemical. Therefore, Vitamin drip is natural and harmless to use. 
  2.   Risk-free – It is one of the safest therapy. The process of vitamin drip is curated as per medical guidelines. And when it is administered following the protocol, it is risk-free. 
  3.   Complete absorption – Vitamin absorption is very low if taken in a supplement form. Vitamin drip, however, ensures 100% absorptions as it is administered directly into the bloodstream. 
  4.   Fast results – As the body absorbs vitamin directly, its effect is visible instantly. Clients feel an increase in energy level immediately. Also, one experiences improvement in general wellness after one session. Hair and skin can feel different within a couple of days. Thus, Vitamin drip dubai shows fast results. 
  5.   Short treatment duration – Though full treatment needs multiple session, each session lasts for around 40 minutes to an hour. This helps in scheduling your sessions during break time, allowing you to maintain your routine. 

Uses of Vitamin Drip 

  1.   Combats vitamin deficit naturally 
  2.   Promotes good health from within
  3.   Fights the sign of stress, aging, and vitamin deficiencies
  4.   Improves the health of your skin resulting in flawless and glowing skin naturally
  5.   Reduces hair fall and brings out the natural shine
  6.   Boosts your immunity
  7.   Helps in body detoxification and encourages the optimal function of organs
  8.   Supports in treatment of various illness such as cancer, diabetes, heart-related disease
  9.   Increases your metabolism rate which helps in weight management
  10.   Improves energy level 

So, if you also want to see the magic of vitamin drip do connect with Health call. Health call is a multispecialty clinic based in Dubai. They have a well-qualified staff to cater to all your needs. 

With facilities such as home visits and personalized treatments, it is most fitting to book an appointment with them. They follow the protocol diligently ensuring safe and risk-free procedures.  


Hangover? Hydration drip to your rescue!

If you have a busy social life, you must have experienced hangover at least once in your life. A hangover is no fun and is rather painful. They not only make us feel unwell but also disrupt our routine. 

Well, there is good news! With IV therapy, you can now cure and also prevent having a hangover after the night of indulgence.

With a surge in demand for such treatments, clinics offering IV drip treatment have increased in Dubai. Dubai is known for its extravaganza lifestyle, and its social scene is no less. Now, you can enjoy the social scene without any adverse effect on your next day. 

Here is how IV therapy for hangover Dubai works

Consumption of alcohol increases the toxins in the body. Also, alcohol impacts kidney functioning. Thus, a hangover is always combined with dehydration.  A clinic such as Health Call offers IV drip specifically to treat hangover and dehydration. 

IV drip, also known as Pre/post-party drip. And it contains a combination of fluids, Vitamin B complex, and vitamin C. It also has anti-nausea and painkiller to help you with after-effects of late-night parties. 

This magic combination hydrates your body and flushes out the toxins from your body. Since IV is administered directly into the bloodstream, it is 100% absorbed in the body. Direct absorption gives instant relief from symptoms of a hangover. 

The pre/post-party drip is also beneficial in case of exertion and jet lag. As we know, our body is 70% water. And therefore, hydrating our body regularly keeps it functions at an optimum level. However, jet lag and long working hours may result in dehydration. 

In such cases, hydration drip will make one feel energetic and fresh. This is because hydration drip is aimed to reduce the impact of dehydration and rejuvenate the body from within. 

While there is a traditional way of dealing with hangover Dubai, they take longer to show the effect. The reason is that any medicine taken orally takes longer to enter the bloodstream. Also, the body is unable to absorb vitamins completely. Thus, IV drip not only gives higher absorption but also acts faster. 

With so many advantages, intravenous therapy is growing in popularity. Health Call clinic offers hydration drip at an affordable rate. The team is highly skilled and ensures perfect dosage is given. 

Is it for you – Yes or No? 

Here are some key factors that can help you decide whether IV treatment is right for your hangover Dubai

  1.   If you have a busy schedule the next day, the IV drip is definitely yes for you. It will not only allow you to enjoy the late-night but will also ensure that your work doesn’t suffer.
  2.   If you have an active social life, this drip can be a boon. While on night outs, we often indulge in excess, be it food or alcohol. This creates lethargy the next day. With this drip, you can be sure to be full of energy and ready to take on the world!
  3.   Since it is an exclusive treatment, the cost may play a significant role in your decision.

However, whatever is your decision; you can be rest assured that IV treatment is effective and risk-free. 


Home visit Nurse – Professional Health care at your doorstep

With modern medicine, lifespan has increased considerably. And along with many advantages of long lives, there is one problem of elderly care. 

Age-related illness such as limited mobility, Alzheimer’s disease, and inability to perform daily routine is a common occurrence after a certain age. 

With most couple working, taking care of the older person becomes a challenge. This is where Home visit nurse Dubai service offered by Health call makes all the difference. 

Health call provides a qualified nurse to take care of patients in the comfort of their home. It is believed that a person heals faster at home as compared to a hospital. And Health call supports this philosophy. 

A home visit by a well-trained nurse can help you in

  1.   Assisting the elderly person/patient with the daily routine at home while you work
  2.   Administrating injection or medicine on time
  3.   Post-surgery care
  4.   Help with bathing and other hygiene activities
  5.   Companionship and supervision

With the heavy work schedule, most people are unable to take care of their aging parents. This creates guilt, and it adversely affects their health as well. 

With the Home visit nurse Dubai service, you can continue with routine without feeling guilty. Health call provides specially trained nurses who will take excellent care of patients in your absence.

Apart from old age, stressful life also contributes to diminishing health. Also, many professional stay away from their home. Thus, when they are unwell, they have no one to take care of them. In such cases, a home visit by a nurse can help tremendously. 

One can recuperate at home with all the attention given in the hospital. This option is not only convenient but is also economical as compared to a hospital stay. 

Furthermore, a house nurse is trained to deal with emergencies and other health care. Additionally, at health call along with House visit service, one can avail additional medical assistance. 

They have physiotherapist, physician, and nutritionist, and so on. Thus, a nurse has instant support and therapeutic intervention in case of any unfortunate incidence. 

Taking care of someone is a demanding job. Also, it requires patience, and the skills to provide optimum care. A Health Call employed home visit nurse comes with necessary qualification and training. 

Also, all are DHA certified. Apart from the qualification and the certification, they undergo regular training at health call to upgrade their skills. 

The regular training to nurse ensures that you get quality service at any time for any assistance. Our nurses are professionals yet friendly. This creates confidence in the patient and makes the entire interaction smooth. 

When a person relies on others even for the essential body function, lack of dignity is a familiar feeling. However, our professional staff carries out their duties in such a way that the patient doesn’t feel awkwardness or a loss of dignity. 

Health call, therefore, has created a name for itself and is a popular choice in home visit nurse Dubai segment. 


Why Check Your Health Regularly with Home Visit Doctors in Dubai?
With day-to-day running around, many people end up worrying about work too much. Accounts payable and other obligations of modern life take up a lot of time. With this, people forget a very important commitment: the one that we have with our health. This reflects in postponing medical appointments and becoming increasingly relapsed with our mental and physical state. Are you worried about your health? One element is critical: conduct a check-up at least once a month with home visit Doctors offered by Health Call in Dubai. Most people prefer home visit Doctors in Dubai to perform health check-up in the comfort and ease of their home, office or hotel. This means performing all the tests necessary to know if everything is right with your body. Also, to find out if you have any serious illness or if you already have, then to know how to take care to solve or manage the problem. Checkups with home visit Doctors in Dubai can prevent and manage various diseases, but especially those that have already developed. For example, do you have a relative who has had a more serious illness? If so, then it is critical that you take the utmost care to avoid developing this disease as well. And this can be prevented by performing a monthly checkup or frequency advised by the medical practitioner. Chronic diseases In this case, these full and specific exams must be done approximately every three months. In doing so, there is a very important guarantee. If the person has some complication in the disease, it can be treated in a certain way. This makes the person avoid it from manifesting even more aggressively with regular check-ups. The tests required at a checkup serve to reveal how the functioning of organs and systems within the body works. For example, the functioning of the kidneys, liver, heart and vision. In these tests, it is also possible to detect the presence of viruses and parasites in the body. In addition, it is possible to verify the condition of the blood, through the levels of sugar and iron, anemia and leukemia. The main check-ups are: the blood test, with a complete blood count; urine and feces; the electrocardiogram, to check how the heart is; and the ophthalmologist, to check the state of vision and eye health. In addition, women should also perform preventive checks for cervical cancer. Men should have transrectal ultrasonography, which evaluates the conditions of the prostate. In the case of smokers, the checkup also includes tests such as the analysis of tumor markers. It also includes the stress-test electrocardiogram, spirometry with respiratory function, and sputum analysis. Health Call: The solution in home health care in Dubai As we have seen, it is essential to maintain the medical tests and assessments up to date to always be healthy. For those who have a hectic life, this is not as easy as it seems. However, it can happen more easily by using home visit Doctors provided at Health Call in Dubai, the medical application that came to innovate in the area of ​​health! The home visit Doctors in Dubai make everything easier for those who do not have the time to spend hours traveling and then waiting to be seen in hospitals or clinics. The services of home visit Doctors offered at Health Call are very easy to use:  just call us, discuss your issue, and give the address you want to be visited, choose the specialty and request medical attention at home, hotel, or office at a convenient time for you. All of the highly trained and professional Doctors enrolled in Health Call are the best in their specialties and will ensure safe and quality care for you every time.
When to Call A Doctor on Call in Dubai?
The service of doctor on call is an idea for people who, by their heath condition, need good health care at their own comfort. It provides an inclusive vision of your health, making sure constant health care all over the medical process by experienced and qualified doctors on call in Dubai as offered at Health Call in Dubai. Why have these particular services recently become popular all over Dubai? There are three main factors: traffic difficulties to go to a health clinic, due to lack of time or due to severe pains that make it impossible to travel. There involve situations of illness that do not require attention in a specialized or emergency center and that allows the patient to be cared for in the comfort of his home. Doctor at home A home doctor is a professional who travels to a patient’s home or place of residence to make the visit. The professional must have the expertise to deal with the condition in which the patient is treated, assessing the general environment and physical-logistical environment. For this, the vision from the training and from the experience in home health care is very different from the training and hospital experience. Expertise for example family medicine, Geriatrics is what facilitates this worldwide idea of health care, whose training is complemented by comprehensive experience in houses. For what patients or diseases do you need doctors on call in Dubai? Home health care is essential when, due to certain pathologies or diseases, the patient is not able to reach the doctor’s office or hospital or that displacement is a major loss of comfort. It can be eventual or definitive, due to a chronic illness for instance. Some of the conditions in which medical assistance may be required at home are:
  • Hospital post-discharge convalescence: After a de-compensation or after an intervention, for example.
  • Chronic diseases that results in a certain degree of dependence: Respiration disease, cardiac, neuron disease, etc.
  • Limitations of mobility of various cause: Joint pathology, among others complex diseases.
Medical Services of Home Medicine At a medical care level, it’s about making a full check-up of the patient’s health status, to evaluate their requirements by area and establish a method of care and follow-up. It can be required in the following conditions:
  • Care and medical supervising of chronic pathologies
  • Attention and medical monitoring of convalescence processes
  • Attention and medical follow-up of de-compensation or exacerbations
  • Post-surgical care and follow-up
  • Planned prevention promoting quality of life
Additionally, service of doctors on call in Dubai can be complemented with:
  • Nursing services
  • Physiotherapy session
  • Psychological support with a psychologist
  • Support and advice service
Because our patients come first and we want to be closer to their medical care, the Doctors and nurses of Health Call also offers its medical care service in the comfort of your home, thus expanding the accessibility of our services. This service is aimed at the management of acute diseases of low complexity by highly trained doctors on call in Dubai for this type of care, which combine good practice with a warm treatment to our patients. We offer:
  • Medical care at home.
  • Management of first dose and emergency kit.
  • Taking samples for laboratory at home.
  • Attention and care 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.