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When you have an elderly or frail/ill person at home, the best thing is to call on the help of a professional care agency who can provide an expert care service at the comfort of your home.

The family members often lack time and also capability to offer a continuous help, and therefore taking an outside help becomes necessary. And why not, the home visit nurses are skilled enough to do their job hygienically and competently, which ultimately proves to be a better option and will give you and the patient a better experience.

  • Seeking a professional carer is important because an elderly or frail/ill person often needs a constant support in performing his day to day activities.
  • Dubai is a place which offers incredible facilities, and provision of home visit nurses with Health Call Dubai is one of them.
  • The home care centers in Dubai believe in promoting independence, comfort, and safety in the services they offer so that your loved ones are always elated and gratified.
  • The home care centers in Dubai employ compassionate and skilled workforce who are then trained to handle the patients in an empathetic and holistic manner so that the expectation of the clients is not only met but exceeded to ensure their wellbeing at all times.
  • They are also given robust subject knowledge so that they can effectively perform the required therapies and medical treatment.
  • The services by medically qualified trained nurses in Dubai are provided for patients, elderly, and newborns alike.
  • At times a home care service is sought in the cases when one of the family members has had a surgery or a critical illness and is still recovering.
  • The services may include critical disease management, mother care, newborn care, baby care, feeding the baby, elderly care, general nursing, pulmonary care, geriatric care, IV therapy, terminal illness care, after treatment care, pain management, wound care, etc. A range of services are provided so that the family members do not have to compromise on their comfort and quality of life.
  • The nursing care providers always adhere to and follow the regulations laid by Dubai Health Authority.
  • Other than the general guidelines, different care centers have different ethics and best practices which they abide by. The licensed home care service providers aim to constantly upscale the innovation, dedication, integrity, compassion, and values, so that a quality service is delivered and the clients feel that their loved ones are in the safe hands.
  • The thrust lies not only on the smooth execution of the basic daily routine and general nursing, but to also foster the idea of cultivating a healthy and friendly relationship between the patient and the nurse so that the patient is comfortable in her company and the smiles are spread everywhere.