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It is no denying the fact that most people feel sick more often in the colder months. It is especially because these factors are responsible for making you feel ill –

  • Exposure to germs– The cause of common cold, rhinoviruses which is spread in fall and spring, while the influenza virus spreads highly in winter.
  • Indoor ventilation and humidity– Along with dry air, poor ventilation also spreads drops of sneezes further. According to a Virginia Tech study in 2011, the higher indoor humidity is responsible to spread Influenza A virus.
  • Indoor heating – Due to cooler seasons, people tend to stay inside in the warmth of central heating. It dries out our nasal passages, air and also keeps us warm. However, dry nasal passages are also vulnerable to viruses.
  • Outdoor humidity – Even dry and cold air outside causes winter illnesses. The National Institutes of Health have conducted two studies, which prove that the outer coating of the influenza virus gets tougher in colder climates and it also spreads faster in dry air.

Viral Infections and Stress 

The National Institutes of Health also conducted another study that documents that stress is known to affect our body in the long term. Along with making us vulnerable to viral fever, it also increases the risk of having chronic illnesses like diabetes, atherosclerosis and even cancer.

How Immune Boost IV can help?

A proper amount of balanced fluids of electrolytes is filled with a heavy dose of B vitamins, vitamin C and D, zinc, anti-inflammatory vitamins, and powerful antioxidants in immune boost Drip in Dubai and infused in your body. Our immune system responds to what we intake quickly. Vitamin C is very vital to help some cells to combat diseases and infection. Vitamin C also reduces the recovery time.

Zinc is another vital element for our body as it improves immunity. Antioxidants improve the ability of our cellular processes to fight diseases and illnesses.

At www.Healthcall.ae, we provide immune boost drip in Dubai so you can have the right dose of vital nutrients which is 20 times more potent as compared to oral products.

Oral supplements are not as effective since they break down in our body and you cannot get that much amount of vital nutrients. On the other side, you can get 100% of vitamins and minerals through IV therapy.  The nutrients are infused and absorbed directly into the bloodstream and our cells quickly get the benefits. The benefits of IV therapy also last for up to 2 to 3 days with the least amount of side effects. They can also help your body to fight against common cold, flu and other symptoms of stress and fatigue, which are very common in winter and fall months.

Getting all the vital minerals and vitamins from food is not easy and it takes a lot of time and effort. This is where you need vitamin IV drip which assures you will receive 100% absorption of essential nutrients. It can benefit many different patients as it is much more effective than taking supplements orally.