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Most people understand the importance of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in our bodies. Our bodies require adequate amounts of essential nutrients to function properly. However, we must supplement our bodies with those essential nutrients to ensure that everything returns to normal in some cases.
There are two ways to deliver those supplements to our bodies, and the traditional way to get our nutrients through the oral route is one of them. Intravenous (IV) therapy, an unconventional but more effective method, is used to deliver nutrients directly into our bloodstream. But which is superior? Let us investigate.

What Is IV Therapy?
Intravenous therapy, commonly known as IV therapy, delivers required nutrients to our bodies by injecting them directly into the veins. This makes it significantly more effective than taking the medication orally.
When nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream, the results are visible almost immediately.

Difference Between IV therapy And Oral Supplements
The primary and most noticeable distinction is how nutrients are delivered to the body.
Oral supplements can be consumed orally in the form of liquids, tablets, and even capsules, and all that is required is that the supplements be swallowed. On the contrary, in IV therapy, nutrients are delivered to the body via needles inserted into our veins, allowing the nutrients to enter our bloodstream directly. This way, one can ensure that the body properly absorbs the nutrients.

Why Choose IV Therapy Over Oral Supplements?

Absorption: Certain oral supplements and specific vitamins may pass through our bodies without the body absorbing any of the nutrients,
However, IV therapy ensures that our bodies can absorb cent percent of all nutrients delivered to the body.
Avoiding The Side Effects of Oral Supplements: When we consume oral supplements, they travel through our entire digestive system, and it may increase the chances of irritating different parts of the digestive tract. IV therapy helps us absorb all the nutrients directly without disturbing the digestive system or irritating the stomach.

Customized Treatment:
We can seamlessly tailor the right combination of medication, fluids, and nutrients with IV therapy to address the body’s specific health needs. On the other hand, the conventional oral supplement does not allow this.
Fluids are, without a doubt, the foundation of any drip. But, aside from being an efficient method of delivering nutrients, IV therapy can hydrate our bodies far more efficiently than simply drinking water.