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There is always a wellness plan or new diet plan that comes up every week and the health fads never stop. Promoted by celebrities and health critics, different therapies like placenta pills and oxygen bars have been on the limelight. Intravenous vitamin C drip in Dubai is the latest trend these days.

Also known as IV vitamin injection or IV drip, IV vitamin therapy involves having an IV bag to get all the minerals and vitamins into your body. There are different health clinics offering such treatments and people are looking for them to ward off illnesses, beat a hangover, obtain radiant skin, and other benefits.

Does IV vitamin drips really work?

IV vitamin clinics make different claims regarding the benefits of those therapies and suggest that they can come handy when it comes to improving immunity, skin and hair health, or to cure the hangover. According to experts, there is some evidence to support those claims.

There is a lack of convincing and solid evidence for some but for the IV drip with B12, C, zinc, and magnesium it can help cure the symptoms of flu and cold. On the other hand, there are two clear benefits of IV vitamin drips. IV vitamin might promote faster absorption of minerals and vitamins as compared to supplements and oral consumption.

It is considered to be a great solution for some people who need a quick fix. For example, IV therapy helps boost hydration levels quickly and make you feel better, whether you are fighting infection or you have a cold. It can also help when you have a bit of hangover or you are feeling low due to change in weather.

Who should go for IV Vitamin Therapy?

There are different benefits of IV vitamin therapy for people having health problems that make it harder to process or retain nutrients. When nutrients are delivered using IV, all the minerals and vitamins are directly absorbed in the bloodstream.

Due to this reason, doctors prescribe IV vitamin therapy on a regular basis for treating several conditions. For example, they may prescribe thiamine IV for alcohol withdrawal symptoms, B12 IV for patients suffering renal dialysis, and multivitamins IV for health conditions that make it hard to absorb or tolerate food in the intestines or stomach.

The absorption of IV nutrients might be faster with some conditions. For example, people with severe or chronic anemia might experience that oral supplementation may cause some side effects like an upset stomach. On the other side, IV iron-replete stores quickly without having to provoke stomach problems. It may not be recommended for a healthy, young person. If you have healthy habits, good gut health, and a good diet, they can easily obtain most of the vital nutrients through normal and food diet.