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A good smile is mostly acquired and seldom passed down as lineage. However, dental veneers play a pivotal role in increasing your confidence by offering a life-changing, dental-related experience. That said, before we start considering using dental veneers, it is necessary to consider their physical structure and the main advantages offered, before making the final decision. Firstly, it is important to understand that porcelain veneers come across as laminates that are precisely placed at the front portion of the teeth to recreate a natural and youthful smile. Veneers, therefore, are perfectly capable when it comes to enhancing the positioning, color, and shape of the dental structure besides concentrating precisely on that sought-after white and healthy looking smile.

How Dental Veneers can help?

While laser teeth whitening procedures are quite powerful, there are times when they fall flat on the face in case of extreme teeth discoloration. This is where dental veneers come into the play as they help combat even the more extreme instances and even issues pertaining to irregularly positioned teeth.

Another benefit of having dental veneers is that they come in useful when there are a lot of gaps between individual teeth. This way, it becomes possible to treat minor cases of teeth alignment with immediate attention. Dental veneers in Health Call Dubai are extremely affordable and always administered by skilled and experienced professionals. What’s important to note is that even worn and fractured dental linings can be treated if veneers are added into the scheme of things.

Understanding the Procedure in Detail

Dental veneers need to be administered by experienced professionals and require initial consultations. In most cases, standalone procedures hardly take more than two sessions to complete and that too after taking minimal preparations, temporary restorations, and impressions into account. Moreover, experienced dentists also look to include mock ups into the procedures by stimulating the preferred smile with a digital design. However, dental veneers in Health Call Dubai are seamless procedures and clinics like Health Call offer additional consultations to their patients.

Dental Veneer Longevity

If you are looking to ascertain the longevity of dental veneers, a ballpark figure of 15 to 20 years is what clinics usually promise. What needs to be taken a note of is that veneer material is extremely durable and while they can break under immense pressure, decent oral hygiene and care are more than sufficient to keep them up and running. However, regular dental checkups and maintenance are still necessary.


Dental Veneers hardly require any additional care but only periodic checkups. The best case scenario, however, is to brush at least two times a day with a powerful fluoride toothpaste besides flossing at least once, on a daily basis. In addition to that, if you have the habit of teeth grinding, night guards are often added into the treatment, especially if you are considering Health Call for getting Dental Veneers in Dubai.