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How long it will take to Get That Hollywood Smile In Dubai

The entire process of getting that Hollywood smile at our dental clinic in Dubai usually takes 3 to 4 visits .

  • During your Smile Assessment consultation, your dentist will discuss your preferences for shape, length, width and color of the teeth and will take into account your skin tone, facial appearance and hair color.
  • Based on the communication between you and your dentist, the laboratory designs a diagnostic wax-up that will be used as reference for the creation of your custom-made ‘trial smile’ using temporary veneers.
  • Once you are satisfied with your trial smile, highly skilled ceramists will arrange a one to one personalized color shading session and then fabricate your designer porcelain veneers or crowns within a week.


This depends on a number of factors like: number of teeth involved, type of veneers etc. The cost can be determined by your dentist after a consultation.
Studies show they will last an average of 15-20 years if they are well cared for. Thereafter the veneers can be replaced if need be to maintain your bright smile.
The bonding process is permanent between the veneer and your tooth surface. In most cases, the tooth surface is altered to accommodate the veneer fit, so it doesn’t look too bulky and out of place in your mouth. Even if the veneer is removed, it should be replaced with another because of the changed appearance of the natural tooth below. So usually its not reversible ..
Yes, your dentist can remove the special bonding agent between your tooth and the veneer surface and detach the veneer. Another veneer can be bonded onto the tooth as a replacement.
No, the veneers are made of special ceramic materials that are quite dense and resistant. If you stick to a good oral hygiene regime you can avoid staining your veneers. You can also brush your teeth directly after you eat or drink a particularly staining food/beverage. If the veneer surfaces appear damaged, your dentist may recommend replacing them.
The special materials used in making veneers are stain resistant, meaning any stains can easily be polished off. The bonding agent along the edge of the veneer may also become discoloured but this can easily be cleaned by your dentist.
Composite veneers are actually a specially formulated resin that is applied to the tooth surface in layers and shaped to the desired shape in one visit. After each layer is laid down, a special light is used to harden that layer and then the veneer is bonded to the tooth surface. They may be cheaper than porcelain veneers, but they are not as stain- and chip-resistant. Composites are good when there are smaller corrections to the tooth that need to be made. Porcelain veneers are far more durable, stain resistant and can last up to 20 years. However, they require more dental visits because they are manufactured in a lab after your dentist takes an impression or a scan of your teeth. Your teeth surfaces are sculpted to accommodate the porcelain veneer. The appearance of a porcelain veneer is far more natural than a composite because it closely resembles a natural tooth. Choosing between the two will depend on affordability and the type of dental problem you’re trying to fix. Your dentist is the expert to help you with your decision.
Good oral hygiene is important for keeping your veneers looking good. Regular brushing and flossing are very important. Use a good antiseptic mouthwash to rinse with to keep oral bacteria in check and prevent any infections.

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