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From the earliest times, doctors visited their patients at home to provide care; there were no hospitals, and people, especially those who could not walk, received medical assistance at home. In the middle Ages, the first hospitals arose and gradually developed. In the nineteenth century, especially in its second and final half, medical visits to the home were gradually decreasing.

However, the trend for home visit doctors in Dubai is now developing not only all over Dubai but also throughout the world.

Assessment and care of acute diseases in cases where the patient has difficulty moving to the clinic because he is very sick or weak, has severe pain, is very old, or his problem may be exacerbated by movement and need immediate treatment or rest. At the request of the patient or relatives, the home visit doctors Dubai available at Health Call can be called on as required. The home visit doctors visit the patient to treat acute diseases and allow them to evaluate the conditions of the home and family support to decide whether or not to treat the patient at home or admit him to hospital, if necessary.

In this article, we will explain reasons and advantages of home visit Doctors in Dubai available at Health Call.

There are a multitude of advantages of home visit doctors in Dubai and medical care including the following:

  • The visit to the home allows the Doctor to obtain a lot of information about the family unit and how it functions, the interaction of its family members and the role of the patient. This cannot be achieved in the artificial environment such as hospital. There is no satisfactory substitute for the home visit.
  • The home visit doctors at Health Call in Dubai are also available to attend patients in their office or hotel. However, in the office, only the patient is attending while during the home visit the entire family unit can attend also.
  • Home care by home visit doctors allows a faster discharge from the hospital, is an acceptable alternative for long-term institutional care and for those who suffer a serious and permanent disability, many of whom are elderly; in addition, it is economically more efficient than hospital admission.
  • Patients face their illness better if they remain in a home or familiar environment.
  • For the elderly, the home visit doctors Dubai at Health Call and home care are very satisfactory, especially in the case of having physical disabilities. The entrance into the hospital of an elderly person can have undesirable consequences motivated by the separation of their environment.
  • At home, you can detect conditions that surround the patient and that can be harmful for patient’s health, such as: poor structural condition of the home, inadequate living conditions, accident risks, overcrowding, poor hygiene, family malfunction and insufficient support. The improvements in any of the above conditions can help to improve the patient’s health.
  • The visit of the doctor to the home inspires the patients confidence and security, empathy is achieved superior to the one that can be established in the clinic, the patient feels that the doctor accompanies him in his suffering, that attends him not only as a patient, but as if the Doctor was a family member or friend.
  • Although the science of medicine can probably be exercised more correctly in the well-equipped clinic or hospital environment depending on the circumstances, however, the art of medicine is best applied in the patient’s home, hence the convenience of combining both actions and benefiting the patient.