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Do You Need a Doctor on Call at Home?

Why wait in queues when you can receive a doctor in the comfort of your home or place of residence? It is with your comfort and well-being in mind that this service offers doctors on call Dubai of unparalleled quality at home. Health Call complements this service with our medical clinic that has at its disposal human resources and the necessary tools to face any possible emergency situation.

The service of doctors on call Dubai available at Health Call seeks to give the user a better medical consultation experience – after all, they visit the patient in his comfort zone, where he feels safe and more comfortable.

The doctor goes to your house!

The home doctor services have a reduced waiting time for the patient. Simultaneously, they have telephone lines dedicated to the service of the users for clarification of doubts and information.

The clinical and support staff are carefully chosen and trained. All doctors on call Dubai at Health Call are endowed with scientific and human skills of excellence, in order to provide the best care to the users in the comfort of your home.

When should you call a doctor at home?

  • Doctor for seniors – There are doctors specialized in geriatrics who have experience in dealing with pathologies in patients over 60 years of age.
  • Avoid waiting queues – It is ideal for the doctor to go to your home when you want to avoid waiting lines. You can then wait for the doctor to arrive in the comfort of your home.
  • Aggravation situations – In situations of acute health problems, traveling to the hospital can be complicated. In these situations, choose doctors on call Dubai.
  • You do not know the geographical area – Do not know where to go to be seen by a doctor. Do not risk it, the home visit doctor will come to you. You can also call doctors to visit you at your office or hotel.

5 reasons to choose doctors on call

  • Permanent contact 24 hours – Health Call offers a 24-hour hotline, available 7 days a week (including holidays). You can contact them at any time with your questions, requests or appointment information.
  • People – The clinical staff are have all the required equipment to carry out the full consultation at home. The team is carefully chosen, for its human and professional excellence, taking care of the patient.
  • Doctor’s choice at home – Who chooses the doctor, who goes to your home, is the patients choice. By contacting us, you can always know the physicians available for the home consultation and choose accordingly.
  • Experience – Our clinical staff are endowed with experience in the home visits and on call care of patients. They have years of experience with various medical consultations, and are always in permanent contact with the team to ensure the well-being of the patient.
  • Satisfaction guarantee – The doctors on call Dubai available at Health Call work to ensure the satisfaction of the patient and ensure their follow-up in the clinic or with doctor’s consultation at home. Our users have high levels of satisfaction, which is the main driver of our motivation: to seek and maintain user satisfaction in clinic in your home, office or hotel. We also have nursing services at home, for your convenience.