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5 Amazing Tips to Take Care of Family Health
If you have children, you must surely have the greatest desire to see them grow up healthy and energetic. For this, it is necessary to think about the health of the family: to guarantee a balanced routine, that includes time for exercise and physical activities, nutritious foods and socializing. Sometimes, there may be the need for home visit Doctors in Dubai, a service offered by Health Call in Dubai to provide them specific care at home during some health problem. Often it can be difficult to reconcile work or studies with so many measures that guarantee well-being. In addition, engaging children in a healthy routine can also be a challenging task. In this post, you will learn some tips on how to keep the health of the family on the rise. And, in addition, you gain a better quality of life for yourself and your little ones.
  1. The importance of rest for young children
Having a fixed hour every day reserved exclusively for the sleep of the children is very important. This helps them to consolidate their memory and immunity. In addition, they develop their mind and body with the release of melatonin (the growth hormone).
  1. Conduct periodic examinations together
To keep your family’s health always free of threats and problems, it is important to create the habit of doing medical check-ups. Take preventive tests at least once every two years. Since going to the clinic is not usually very fun, what about calling home visit Doctors Dubai at home whenever possible for an easier and more convenient service?
  1. Formulate the menu carefully
The definition of the family menu is made by parents when they go shopping. So if you always bring snacks, sweets and processed snacks to your kids, of course everyone will have a diet rich in calories, fats and sugars. The key is keeping your balance while giving priority to natural foods. Keep sweets for occasional dessert and keep healthy snacks (such as walnuts, almonds or whole-meal cookies) and chopped fruit always ready in your kitchen. Children will eat everything when they are hungry enough.
  1. Stay physically active
The main key to maintaining family health is in the practice of physical exercise. However, you do not have to love the gym or pay for sports classes or sports products to stay in shape. Instead, how about having fun with everyone for about 20 minutes a day; walking, running or swimming?
  1. Caring for cleanliness is taking care of family health
Cleaning every room in your living space is important to eliminate mites and fungi that can cause problems. Infections, allergies, breathing difficulties may be closer than you might think. So it is important to keep the house free from dirt. Also pay attention to the collection and storage of garbage. For this, a good tip is to turn the household chores into a real group party. Put on loud music while dusting the room, play skating with soap and water. Race to see who washes the dishes faster; enlist your children to play during the cleaning. Take advantage of house cleaning to encourage children to also take care of their own personal hygiene. They must create good habits themselves. These include: washing your hands before meals, taking daily baths or showers, and brushing your teeth 3 times a day. As you might realize, taking care of family health requires the adoption of simple changes. However, calling home visit Doctors in Dubai as offered by Heath Call in Dubai is a good tip to reduce medical expenses in the future and preventing various illnesses that could harm their loved ones.
Tips to Cure Injuries – Health is Vital
He stumbled, hit, hurt. Sports injuries are not exclusive to professional athletes. Any individual who moves the body with certain regularity is more subject to muscle twisting or stretching. Simply forcing the body beyond the count or performing some wrong movements during the workout can cause problems. When this type of accident occurs, some people prefer Doctors on call in Dubai offered by Health Call in Dubai rather than going to the clinic. Calling a Doctor at home is a developing trend all over Dubai. It is a faster and affordable way of health care in case of any sport injury and more convenient. Experts from Harvard University in the United States have come up with a five-step recommendation to treat this type of injury in the so-called acute phase, that is, within the first 48 hours. The strategy to end the pain includes the phases such as protect the area, cool, compress, rest and raise the sore limb. However, if even with the immediate treatment the discomfort persists, it is most advisable that you seek the assistance of Doctors on call in Dubai at home, office or hotel capable of assessing and treating the injuries. The type and intensity of the injuries will depend on the individual and also on the type of physical exercise that they practice. The concussion is the simplest of problems. Because it results from shocks, contact sports practitioners are more likely to suffer from it. Their degrees – mild, moderate or severe – are linked to bumping. Sprains happen when the movement in a joint exceeds the limits of the body. In more severe cases, joint displacement can occur, which causes rupture of the ligaments or tendons. Knees and ankles are the favorite targets. Muscle distension, also called stretching, is usually caused by too much physical exertion that leads to muscle fiber rupture. It is quite common in football players, volleyball players and runners. Tendonitis, on the other hand, is an inflammatory response to a minor trauma to a tendon. Sportsmen who force their jumping or kicking muscles often experience it frequently. Lastly, there are the popular cramps, which are not necessarily injuries. In fact, it’s a kind of flagging that something is wrong. The cramp arises due to the accumulation of lactic acid, a substance produced by the contraction of muscles. It accuses, well, a picture of muscular fatigue. This entire painful episode can be prevented without a tear being shed. It is enough that you have a good physique; maintain a weekly routine of workouts, intercalating bodybuilding and aerobic activities like running and walking. In this way, muscles, accustomed to heavier and heavier loads, can eliminate lactic acid quickly. “If exercise is not practiced frequently, the body takes more time to eliminate this substance, which increases muscle fatigue and contributes to the occurrence of injuries,” explains one of the Doctors on call in Dubai available at Health Call providing services all over Dubai. Preparation, however, is what is often missing from the so-called weekend athletes. “That’s why they are usually at greater risk of getting injured,” he said. Stretching and warming up are necessary processes that need to be practiced by any sportsman. The stretches and pulls, usually practiced before and after the exercise or sport, prepares the muscles for intense activity. “By stretching the muscles, you increase flexibility and muscle work, which strengthens joints,” explains physical education expert at Health Call. Deep down, you have to respect the limits of the body and take time in the exercises to avoid any painful setback.
Calling Doctor at Home for an Elderly – How to Make the Most of a Medical Appointment
Calling the Doctor at home is a must for an elderly sometimes at least once a month (or whenever it is necessary) for thorough check-up and to make the necessary exams – especially if the elderly person has a preexisting health problem. The medical consultation is also a learning opportunity for the family. See how to take advantage of the medical consultation of the elderly with Doctors on call offered by Health Call in Dubai and ask questions to know better the health problems to be able to offer the best possible support. What doctor to look for? Gerontology and geriatrics are the most devoted areas to the health and well-being of the elderly. However, these are obviously not the only experts on the health of the elderly. If he has any existing problems – such as heart problems or depression, for example – Doctors on call Dubai in specific areas should be consulted in periodic routines. If the situation is one of transient illness – such as influenza, for example – a general ‘Doctor on call’ will be able to treat common and less serious cases. There are also the maintenance consultations, as is the case of ophthalmologist for those who wear glasses, dermatologist, for those who do constant skin treatment, and so on. The first step is to identify the needs of the elderly and seek the most appropriate Doctors on call Dubai for the situation. Being unsure, it is important to consult before calling a Doctor at home. Research the different medical specialties. When the person has a health plan, it is easier to search these categories even. If you do not have a plan, the Health Call experts can suggest the appropriate medical specialist for your elderly. Please note, that you can also call a Doctor at Health Call to reach at your hotel or office What to ask the old man’s doctor? Do not be afraid to ask the old man’s Doctor during the appointment at home. See some care and questions to ask the doctor during the consultation: The average overall consumption of regular medications among the elderly is up to 5 tablets (or other medications) for people over 70 years. Therefore, medications are an important point of care for the elderly. Try to know what the medication does here to treat the problem, what dosage and the right times to give the elderly, what side effects may occur, how to apply, what are the expectations of improvement or well-being, etc. Ask all you can about the medication. Make a schedule so you do not get lost later on in your responsibilities. On the medicines still, ask the Doctor if there are problems in taking medicines together, if fasting is necessary or if some type of extra supplementation is needed. Ask if it is possible to crush the medicine (when the elderly cannot swallow easily) or if this is not possible. In the case of diabetes and other medications or supplements needed and in constant use, try talking about the best application techniques, since you have to rotate places in this case. When the Doctors on call Dubai requests external examinations, remember to call same Doctor on call again for the analysis of results and prescribing the most assertive treatment. Internal examinations – such as measuring the pressure, heart rate, responses to stimuli, etc., these can be followed by the family in the place (the elderly must have a companion in the consultations always). See also the weight of the elderly and other data of their physical condition.
The key Reasons to Check with a Doctor at Home in Dubai

An appointment to the Doctor at his private clinic or at a hospital wherever he is present to check the patients frequently is sometimes not possible if there is a medical emergency or if there are heavy special medical equipments that are not available in your home or is necessary for the medical treatments. However, with the advancement of technology, particularly in big cities such as Dubai, calling the Doctors on call is very much an easier option; it is also more suitable and a better alternative than taking appointment for the clinic visit. With this facility you can exactly benefit from it quickly with just a click. Does this make you curious? Keep on reading to learn at what time you should consider Doctors on Call Dubai   offered by Health Call at your home, hotel or office rather than visiting their clinic.

  1. In case the patient actually cannot move because of sickness

Suppose, the patient has 105 degrees temperature and he can hardly breathe. Even falling asleep is difficult for him just to get some relief.

In this example, calling an experienced Doctor to your home is much better than going out for a clinic visit.

  1. In case time is money

The most boring and tiresome aspect of a clinic visit is that you must often wait for many minutes even hours before reaching your turn. You can also make appointment online ahead of time. However still, you have to wait. If time is money for you then consider doctors on call Dubai.

  1. In case your baby or child isn’t very well

Your baby is shedding tears because of heavy pain or fever. Furthermore, the concept to wait at clinic may cause you sweaty palm because the various germs from many other patients at reception can also infect your child further. So prefer Doctor on call in Dubai at your home.

  1. In case there are a lot of problems around

Suppose, you are fighting a fever during the summer days and you live at the other end of city at the same time as the roads are full of vehicles in traffic. Reaching at clinic is very much daunting and difficult. You can think well what to do instead by calling out a Doctor to your home.

  1. In case you have an aged patient

Elderly people commonly feel it very burdensome to go out for a clinic visit. It is not easy for them to move and sit for a long time. You also need to do special efforts to transport your elderly patient. The Doctors on call Dubai only can provide all relief you need.

  1. In case you need more attention

It happens normally that there are many patients coming daily in private and government hospitals. Therefore, commonly it may be not easy for patients to explain all of their medical concerns to the Doctor. You can contact Health Call and have a Doctor at your home if you need special attention.

  1. In case you believe “the Whole picture is self-explaining”

When you call a Doctor at home, it is very easy to show them your standard of living and daily routine. The Doctors on call in Dubai can make this assessment through their own eyes that becomes clearer with your words.

  1. In case of acute sickness

You would like to have the most of comfort with the least trouble. Health Call in Dubai offers premium quality medical service by Doctors on Call in Dubai at home, office or hotel at most affordable prices. There is nothing better than such a service for a patient with acute sickness.

Advantages of Home Visit Doctors in Dubai

From the earliest times, doctors visited their patients at home to provide care; there were no hospitals, and people, especially those who could not walk, received medical assistance at home. In the middle Ages, the first hospitals arose and gradually developed. In the nineteenth century, especially in its second and final half, medical visits to the home were gradually decreasing.

However, the trend for home visit doctors in Dubai is now developing not only all over Dubai but also throughout the world.

Assessment and care of acute diseases in cases where the patient has difficulty moving to the clinic because he is very sick or weak, has severe pain, is very old, or his problem may be exacerbated by movement and need immediate treatment or rest. At the request of the patient or relatives, the home visit doctors Dubai available at Health Call can be called on as required. The home visit doctors visit the patient to treat acute diseases and allow them to evaluate the conditions of the home and family support to decide whether or not to treat the patient at home or admit him to hospital, if necessary.

In this article, we will explain reasons and advantages of home visit Doctors in Dubai available at Health Call.

There are a multitude of advantages of home visit doctors in Dubai and medical care including the following:

  • The visit to the home allows the Doctor to obtain a lot of information about the family unit and how it functions, the interaction of its family members and the role of the patient. This cannot be achieved in the artificial environment such as hospital. There is no satisfactory substitute for the home visit.
  • The home visit doctors at Health Call in Dubai are also available to attend patients in their office or hotel. However, in the office, only the patient is attending while during the home visit the entire family unit can attend also.
  • Home care by home visit doctors allows a faster discharge from the hospital, is an acceptable alternative for long-term institutional care and for those who suffer a serious and permanent disability, many of whom are elderly; in addition, it is economically more efficient than hospital admission.
  • Patients face their illness better if they remain in a home or familiar environment.
  • For the elderly, the home visit doctors Dubai at Health Call and home care are very satisfactory, especially in the case of having physical disabilities. The entrance into the hospital of an elderly person can have undesirable consequences motivated by the separation of their environment.
  • At home, you can detect conditions that surround the patient and that can be harmful for patient’s health, such as: poor structural condition of the home, inadequate living conditions, accident risks, overcrowding, poor hygiene, family malfunction and insufficient support. The improvements in any of the above conditions can help to improve the patient’s health.
  • The visit of the doctor to the home inspires the patients confidence and security, empathy is achieved superior to the one that can be established in the clinic, the patient feels that the doctor accompanies him in his suffering, that attends him not only as a patient, but as if the Doctor was a family member or friend.
  • Although the science of medicine can probably be exercised more correctly in the well-equipped clinic or hospital environment depending on the circumstances, however, the art of medicine is best applied in the patient’s home, hence the convenience of combining both actions and benefiting the patient.