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Injectable Vitamin Cocktail – The Best Anti-aging Treatment

If nature already abandons you or you begin to see some signs of age (or often lack of care or excessive sun) there are wonderful new treatments that are not so invasive to significantly improve the quality of the skin and signs of the age, particularly some people prefer something like having to get to surgeries, we think that if one is doing simple “little things” you will not need them, today we want to tell you about a treatment that we found absolutely wonderful, since it nourishes the skin from within and results are progressive, it is the “injectable vitamin cocktail” that you can get at Health Call in Dubai.

It consists of IV therapy Dubai that is a technique in which an active product is deposited on the skin, through micro injections, and thus be able to achieve what the creams do not achieve, to cross the horny layer of the skin and reach the dermis where the fibroblasts (cells that make collagen, elastic and hyaluronic acid).

Already the fact of crossing the skin 1-2 mm is a mechanical stimulus for the fibroblast and if they add vitamins, minerals and nucleic acids, among others, they are giving raw materials to make more fibers and thus recover the skin of the damage of the age!


  • Skins with photo-damage (sun damage you abused and you did not take care of yourself)
  • Dry and opaque skins (you are not one of those who have taken great care of yourself?)
  • Young skins (to prevent aging)
  • Skins that present their first fine wrinkles
  • Mature skin (to slow aging)
  • Flabby skin



  • Attenuates fine and superficial wrinkles (do not confuse with too deep wrinkles or very marked grooves)
  • Hydrates the skin in depth
  • Provides luminosity
  • It improves skin texture
  • Re-affirm
  • Slows aging

IV therapy Dubai is not a new treatment. But the fact that it has been practicing for many years and the rage it causes between celebrities and mortals (especially when they turn 40), confirm the sweet moment they are experiencing. And we say sweet because more and more doctors are praising its benefits and have explored its possibilities to create new treatments on demand adapted to almost all needs. 

If a woman gets this treatment frequently she will recognize it noticing her skin much fresher, juicier and healthier.

It can be affirmed that this protocol can be one of the best anti-aging secrets for the women who best age. The IV therapy Dubai and hyaluronic help to obtain an activation in the production of collagen, elastic fibers and this results in a resplendent skin, hydrated, signed and revitalized. And, is not that what we want when we seek to age naturally?

In addition to the ability of this treatment offered by Health Call in Dubai to improve the quality of our skin, it has other benefits. It improves elasticity of the skin, correct small imperfections such as open pores and provides luminosity. But depending on the composition of the vitamin cocktail that we are going to inject may serve as anti-aging, to treat acne or certain scars.

The incorporation into everyday life is immediate. There is no swelling since the infiltrations are very superficial. Yes, we can have a slight reddening characteristic of the puncture, but in a few minutes it disappears, says the Doctor from Health Call in Dubai, who explains that if the patient is very sensitive, topical anesthesia is used to relieve the condition.”IV therapy Dubai is one of the simplest procedures there is,” he adds.


Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy for Wellness and Health
Vitamin C is necessary for normal growth and development. Our body cannot produce this vitamin or store it, so it is necessary to consume it in food or supplements. Additionally, when placed in large doses intravenously, it produces even more outstanding benefits in our body. Highly proven and multiple studies show the benefits of vitamin C IV drip Dubai, a therapy not as we commonly know it in the form of tablets, but an intravenous therapy, that is, high concentrations of vitamin C applied directly to the vein. Let’s see some of the most important advantages of administering it in this way. Improves the quality of the skin It increases body energy, protects against the aging of our cells, improves joint problems by maintaining and repairing bones, cartilage and teeth, helps to lower sugar levels, repairs damaged blood vessels, decreases the cholesterol, regulates high blood pressure, is a co-adjuvant in cataract problems because it improves blood circulation in the body and in the eyes, among many other benefits. Aesthetic benefits Apart from the uses in the metabolism of our body, vitamin C is widely used in the aesthetic area and anti-aging medicine; due to its powerful action as an antioxidant, it promotes the formation of collagen, helping to improve the luminosity, tone and texture of the skin. Increases the immune response Vitamin C favors the production of leukocytes, also known as white blood cells. These are the cells of the immune system responsible for the immune response, that is, they intervene in the defense of the organism against any invading agent, such as viruses, fungi or bacteria. An effective anticancer treatment It has been shown that its use in high doses improves the quality of life of patients with cancer, strengthening their immune system, enhancing the treatment they receive against cancer and helping to control tumor growth, through the production of hydrogen peroxide in toxic levels for cancer cells but not for the body. No adverse effects Being a water-soluble type vitamin, it is not stored in the body without producing any type of toxicity. Fast application The placement of vitamin C does not need hospitalization, it is done in a short time, between 60 and 90 minutes, without any pain or discomfort for the person. Economically accessible The cost of Vitamin C IV drip Dubai represents a minimum investment for the patient compared to other treatments and with very effective results. The high dose of vitamin C High doses of vitamin C have been researched as a healthy treatment for any cancer patient since the 1970s. Prospective studies indicate that high doses of vitamin C, improves vasodilation with decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, including coronary heart disease, cardiovascular accidents and high blood pressure. In laboratory studies it was observed that high doses of vitamin C can decrease the spread and growth of cancer cells, interrupting the growth of the tumor (tumors of the prostate, pancreas, liver and colon, as well as other types of cancer). How is the therapy administered? High doses of vitamin C are administered by IV drip Dubai, thus achieving much higher concentrations in the blood. Complications The high intravenous doses of vitamin C are not toxic and in the experience of more than 20 years there have been no secondary reactions. A total of 3 or 10 treatments are recommended once or twice a week, depending on the type of treatment. Health Call is a clinic offering IV drip Dubai treatment, which specializes in several types of IV drips that are widely successful all over Dubai.
Types of Intravenous Nutrition and What They are for?

Types of Intravenous Nutrition and What They are for?

Through Vitamin or IV therapy some essential vitamins and minerals are administrated directly in the blood veins. It may be medically recommended for the intravenously administration of various nutrients to treat particular health conditions and undernourishment along with a big health treatment to relieve a patient medically. Some medial processionals of alternative and complementary medicines also recommend IV therapy in Dubai for treatment of a range of diseases.

Effectively, nutritionally sufficient vitamin dose or administration is very much important to enjoy favorable benefits and to avoid any side effects. A lot of people prefer administration of vitamins and minerals via their food, even though oral supplements may be suggested to treat some type of deficiency or to solve some temporary health problems. Expectant women, for instance, may choose to get folic acid in high dose to support fetal health.

Types of IV therapy’s nutrition

There are several characteristics and benefits of intravenous nutritional therapy. Now we will see some of the most frequent types and their applications.

There are many substances that can be used in nutrition of IV therapy in Dubai offered at Health Call in Dubai and therefore the possible combinations or formulas can be very varied.

Some of the substances or formulas most used are:

  • Detoxifying: Taking into account the extremely toxic environment in which we live in today, it is not surprising that this is one of the most popular formulas and used in IV therapy in Dubai. You can use various substances such as alpha-lipoic acid and / or glutathione which are two of the most powerful antioxidants that the body has.
  • Immune: Another very popular formula, which seeks to strengthen the immune system. It could be used in people who get sick too much, such as prevention in high season of colds, even in people with autoimmune diseases. It usually uses substances such as vitamin C in high doses and some minerals important for the immune system.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for the body and is one of the most common deficiencies. This mineral can be used to treat deficiencies of it or to treat migraines.
  • Multi: Various combinations of vitamins and minerals can be administered to create several formulas that seek to supplement different deficiencies.
  • Cancer: There is a lot of research on the use of vitamin C at high doses for the treatment of several types of cancer.
  • Chelation: Various substances have been used for the purpose of chelating heavy metals from the body, i.e. extracting them from the body’s circulation. Heavy metal poisoning can be a serious health problem.
  • Sports: Used to increase athletic performance, uses substances such as L-carnitine and L-glutamine to improve physical performance and accelerate the recovery speed of athletes.
  • Moisturizers: Sometimes people simply need to improve their hydration status. The intravenous route can be very useful in these cases.

These are just some examples of the types of IV therapy in Dubai that can be used. As you can see, the combinations can be almost endless depending on the available materials and the objective of the therapy. When creating any IV therapy in Dubai formula at Health Call, the concentration of the formula is taken into account to avoid complications. When prepared and administered by our medical professionals with the necessary knowledge and experience, intravenous nutritional therapy is very safe and useful.

Vitamin Intravenous Cocktail: The Unusual Treatment to Revitalize the Body

It is said to be used to cure hangovers, sunburn or jet lag, and also to receive a quick hit of energy during periods of exhaustion or stress. This is the “IV therapy in Dubai“, something like “dripping of vitamins”, a therapy that was born in the United States and that has gradually migrated worldwide and in Dubai.

The IV treatment / IV Therapy offered at Health Call consists basically of the direct injection into the bloodstream of a yellowish liquid that contains vitamins and minerals that will revitalize the body. This procedure practiced by Health Call’s medical experts is not only performed in a medical facility, but has become very popular at the comfort of their home, office and hotel.

Our medical experts claim that what life takes from you, we give it back to you via IV therapy in Dubai. All physicians are experienced in dehydration treatments. It is the fastest way to replenish the fluids, vitamins and minerals that your body loses, through an intravenous route. The absorption goes directly to the cells of the organs, while the absorption of the oral intake is only around 50-60. %.

Under that premise, we encourage our potential clients to try the treatment with positive phrases like: Spend more time enjoying and less time recovering, we put you back on your feet in the fastest possible way.

This facility offers several therapies, which are indicated for people over 21 years old, after a health examination and consultation. The simplest, express drip, which consists of vitamin C with B complex, has a value of 490 AED; while the one with the highest price -1390 AED – is the “Ultimate Drip”, which combines ingredients such as vitamins C and B complex, amino acids, anti nausea, anti vomiting and glutathione, and this is described as the “champion of antioxidants”.

It also provides some treatments aimed at specific objectives, such as the aptly named “energy enhancement”, which acts on the immune system, and the “energy elevation”, indicated for athletes since it contains amino acids to maximize fat burning.

Associated risks

IV therapy Dubai treatment lasts for an average of half an hour. That is why, in the opinion of doctors at Health Call – a clinic that examines the clients and suggests ingredients of the IV drip – these places will soon be as common as beauty salons. In some years they will be appearing in all the streets,” they commented.

The “vitamin drip” was originally developed for cancer patients, whose vitamin levels had been affected by chemotherapy. However, they became popular when some celebrities such as Madonna and Rhianna confessed that they were using this “secret weapon” to revitalize their bodies.

It also offers an anti-aging action with anti-wrinkle effect. It makes the skin thinner because it speeds up its flaking and can be helpful for improving scars and for acne skins. However, this action is achieved faster with IV therapy in Dubai.

Having an antioxidant action, it also helps preventing wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Thanks to its soothing action, it is ideal for the most sensitive and intolerant skins.

Intravenous Therapy – An Infusion of Vitamins and Nutrients

Vitamins with organic components that contain carbon, hydrogen and in some cases, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur, they do not provide energy, but without them our body is not able to take advantage of other nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) from the foods that make up our diet and also participate in multiple organic processes, with regulatory function.

They are classified in: fat-soluble vitamins that are those that are consumed with foods that contain fats (A, D, E and K) and water-soluble those that dissolve in water (group B and C).

Minerals, on the other hand, perform the same function as vitamins and although the human body contains minerals in sufficient proportions, there are some minerals such as calcium, iron, iodine and fluorine, which we do not have and take them from the outside through food.

Their function is to regulate the functioning of the human metabolism, facilitating the best use and assimilation of the other nutrients.

The deficit of these can cause alterations in our body and various diseases, so when our body cannot get them naturally there are methods such as IV therapy available in Dubai that can offer an alternative to help improve this problem.

The intravenous therapy at Health Call provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids which are required much more successfully than pills alone, allowing higher doses, better and faster absorption into cells through its direct into the body delivery.

The intravenous therapy (IV Therapy)with nutrients and vitamins can:

  • Help with a range of health problems
  • Help you to feel better – physically and emotionally
  • Give more energy!

The key questions that most people should ask themselves when choosing this therapy are:

What amounts of minerals and vitamins should I take?

Since each person is different, it is important that you learn about it because it is related to you and your particular health requirements.

For more information on antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and specific amino acids, see the Health Call website offering different types of intravenous therapies that will support you with your health and well-being.

The IV therapy in Dubai can be a valuable treatment for several health problems, it allows a lot of nutrients much greater than general oral method of administration, since several mineral and vitamin supplements aren’t absorbed by the body well, which is why this therapy is mostly effective since when coming into contact through the bloodstream many higher doses can be administered safely, causing an incredibly powerful effect on the patient.

We are currently living at an age when getting the necessary amounts of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and amino acids is increasingly difficult only with diet, since the level of essential nutrition in our diet has been reduced due to the bad agricultural practices and other factors.

According to the patient’s requirement and the clinical presentation, with advice from our Doctors at Health Call they can help you choose which of our IV therapy in Dubai package best suits your requirements.

The IV therapy can be taken one or two times per week. Often, some weeks of IV therapy will help you noticeably improve the symptoms based on some diseases and allow you a proper changeover from the oral supplements.

In Health Call, we offer you an option to improve your well-being naturally and completely safely.

Call us today for your first or subsequent IV therapy in Dubai appointment and know more about this stimulating therapy!

Does IV Drip Really Work? Results, Composition and Side Effects

IV drip is a type of customized vitamin and mineral supplement administered through IV which aims to help improve immunity affected by the deficiency of vitamins and the stimulus to better health.

Other benefits from the IV drip Dubai are the maintenance of hair health, good joint’s health, boosting energy, sports recovery, improved mood etc. The aim is that the results obtained with the use of the IV drip improve in an almost immediate way.

The medical experts at Health Call say that in some cases, results already begin to appear in the first day of use of the IV therapy, but that the most noticeable benefits are developed during the first week of use of the drip, on average.

Let’s get to know IV drip Dubai better and try to find out if it really works?

The composition of IV drip

According to the type of benefits you want to achieve from the drip, you can get that type of drip tailored to your needs. There are different types of IV drips and packages available at Health Call. Each package has related composition of vitamins and minerals to achieve specific benefits.

Does IV drip really work?

The experts explain that IV therapy offered by Health Call is not fully effective in the complete dealing of any condition, weight loss, for example. However, it is just an immense natural support to boost the health, in general.

There is still a chance that the person will suffer from problems again after a long time if the good level of nutrition is not maintained naturally with food.

In many health conditions, as the experts explain, the use of the IV drip Dubai will also be very worthwhile, since the body will not be able to absorb all the vitamins and minerals supplied through food and the body absorbs much more through IV.

The best way to know if IV therapy will work or not for your particular case is to consult a medical expert at Health Call before beginning to use the IV drip. The professional will evaluate your case, analyze the composition of the drip and thus determine if it really can help you.

Consultation with the medical expert before starting IV drip treatment is also essential to make sure it is not contraindicated to you, can not harm or interact with any medicine, supplement or medicinal plant you are already using.

It is also essential for the Doctor to define the dosage to be used of the IV drip to ensure that you take a dose that is not only efficient for you but mostly does not harm your health.

In excess, even vitamins and minerals, like substances found in the composition of IV drip, can do harm to the body.

Are there any side effects from IV drip?

However, according to official Health Call website information, there are no side effects associated with the IV drip.

However, if you experience any type of adverse reaction during your treatment with IV therapy, seek medical advice even if the symptom in question does not appear to be serious.

As we have seen above, excess vitamins and minerals such as compounds found in the composition of IV drip Dubai can be harmful to health, so it is necessary to be alert to the appearance of different and unexpected signs and reactions in the body. However, under the correct and supervised administration from the experts at Health Call the benefits outweigh any rare negatives.

Benefits of B-Complex IV Drip

Most people are not able to consume the required daily amount of B-complex vitamins through a balanced diet. However, elderly and people with anemia, athletes, vegetarians, vegans, or people who consume too much alcohol may be deficient in these vitamins and may need vitamin drip Dubai with B-complex concentration available at HealthCall.

The IV therapy in the shape of a tailored vitamin infusion is well known and used by many of the population in Dubai from HealthCall, however there is also the B-complex or vitamin B12 supplement in particular.

The medical experts explain about what the B-complex vitamin drip Dubai is for and how to use it safely. Check out:


The B vitamins are essential for our body because they participate in various metabolic processes, act on skin health, immune system and nervous system functions, muscle tone and prevention of anemia.

However, because they are soluble in water and not in fats, these vitamins cannot be stored by the body. Therefore, you need to consume sources of vitamin B every day to keep yourself healthy.

B-Complex vitamin drip

It is an intravenous solution used for intramuscular intravenous infusion composed of B-complex vitamins.

It is also possible to infuse other vitamins and minerals into your IV drip to achieve special health benefits and it is always recommended to consult with medical experts at HealthCall.

What is it for?

Deficiency in B vitamins can result in symptoms such as lack of energy, muscle weakness, weakness in the legs, depression, problems with cognitive functions such as memory and mental confusion. To better understand, we list below the main functions of the vitamins contained in the B complex.

Examples include:

  • Pre- and postoperative treatment;
  • Very high fever;
  • Severe burns;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Gastrointestinal disorders that affect the intake or absorption of vitamins;
  • Alcoholism;
  • Celiac disease;
  • Cancer;
  • Crohn’s disease;
  • Hypothyroidism;
  • Genetic disorders.

Having listed the functions of the B vitamins before, it is clear the importance of this complex for the health of the neurological system, improving mood, cognitive functions and even relieving depressive symptoms, as well as participates in glucose metabolism to generate energy for our cells.

B-complex vitamin drip Dubai is indicated in cases where the person is not able to ingest the daily recommendations of these vitamins. This is the case of individuals with temporary health conditions, illnesses or severe deficiencies that require the intravenous administration of vitamins.

In addition, those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet may have greater difficulty in ingesting the required amounts of B-complex vitamins, especially vitamin B12, which is found in foods of animal origin. In these cases, vitamin drip Dubai is also indicated.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should also be aware of vitamin B-complex levels because the deficiency of these nutrients can cause neurological damage or birth defects in the fetus or baby.

Elderly people may also find it more difficult to absorb B vitamins due to reduced acid production in the stomach, which is essential for the digestion and absorption of these vitamins, and may need the vitamin therapy at HealthCall.

When using B-complex drip, these people may benefit from:

  • Reduction of stress;
  • Improvement of mood;
  • Reduction of fatigue;
  • Disposition and energy;
  • Improvement of cognitive functions;
  • Prevention and treatment of mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

The blend of vitamin C and B-complex is interesting in cases of deep anemia, where vitamin C has a role of strengthening the immune system and assisting in the absorption of iron. In addition, vitamin C brings several benefits to skin health and disease prevention.

IV Therapy in Dubai – Worth to Take?

Dieting or an unbalanced diet can often result in nutritional deficiencies that we hardly imagine. Changing the food we consume can cause strange things to occur in our body, so it is fundamental to pay attention to the needs of each body. Meanwhile, the multivitamin supplement industry has been investing more and more in products to contribute to the proper functioning of our body, and that is exactly why the use of IV therapy in Dubai should be analyzed and recognized as a tool to keep your body nourished and immune to external adversities.

A deficiency of vitamins and minerals can result in reactions in your body like fatigue, stress and mood swings. From now on you will be able to better understand how the IV therapy in Dubai offered by Health Call can contribute along with your nutrition to prevent and recover your body from deficiencies of vitamins and nutrients fundamental to your health.

What is an IV therapy?

A multivitamin drip which can promise several benefits, such as improving performance in physical activity, fighting stress and even reducing your weight. However do not think that this therapy is miraculous in the sense that you do not really need to eat well and simply take one IV drip weakly, for example.

It should not be the main tool in a diet but complimentary. It should be used to fill small nutritional deficiencies. It cannot replace the requirements of nutrition taken from food.

It is always advisable to get the nutrients directly from the food, so the IV therapy should be an ally, not primarily responsible for your nutrition. The vitamins and minerals contained in IV drip can contribute to the deficiencies and help with chronic conditions.

Anyone can easily arrange IV therapy in Dubai at his or her home, office or hotel. No need to think too much about it. Just call Health Call and get all IV therapy facilities right to your home, office or hotel along with expert medical doctors and nurses.


Several studies have shown the health benefits obtained through the intake of vitamins. Universities in the United States conducted research that looked for evidence of increased bone density and even fracture reduction in postmenopausal women who took Calcium and Vitamin D in balanced quantity.

Most children and teens do not have sufficient Calcium, Potassium and Vitamin D in their diet for good health. It is critical that people seek foods rich in these nutrients, such as vegetables, dairy products, meats and even fruits. Nutrition should be based on food, and IV therapy in Dubai should be recognized only as helper.

It is also worth remembering that in many cases the vitamin’s intake does not offer 100% of the vitamins and minerals that the body needs daily. In the case of vitamin D, for example, the usual supplement is to have about 25% of the daily vitamin D requirement. Therefore, you still need a good feed to get the remaining amount. This is where IV therapy can aid in the supply of these nutrients in cases of deficiency thereof.

The common question is always: Is it worth taking an IV therapy? We would answer Yes, however only as an “extra” supply to your body and when you feel that you need it such as when you have a cold or flu, feeling jet lagged or lethargic or many other ailments which IV therapy could help alleviate. The main sources of vitamins should be the natural foods that should always be present in your everyday meals. IV therapy offered by Health Call may be worth it as an add-on, but it’s important for you to realize that if you compare your effectiveness with food nutrition, it will not be the primary responsible for your body’s balance, so it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth the investment or not.