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Vitamin Intravenous Cocktail: The Unusual Treatment to Revitalize the Body

It is said to be used to cure hangovers, sunburn or jet lag, and also to receive a quick hit of energy during periods of exhaustion or stress. This is the “IV therapy in Dubai“, something like “dripping of vitamins”, a therapy that was born in the United States and that has gradually migrated worldwide and in Dubai.

The IV treatment / IV Therapy offered at Health Call consists basically of the direct injection into the bloodstream of a yellowish liquid that contains vitamins and minerals that will revitalize the body. This procedure practiced by Health Call’s medical experts is not only performed in a medical facility, but has become very popular at the comfort of their home, office and hotel.

Our medical experts claim that what life takes from you, we give it back to you via IV therapy in Dubai. All physicians are experienced in dehydration treatments. It is the fastest way to replenish the fluids, vitamins and minerals that your body loses, through an intravenous route. The absorption goes directly to the cells of the organs, while the absorption of the oral intake is only around 50-60. %.

Under that premise, we encourage our potential clients to try the treatment with positive phrases like: Spend more time enjoying and less time recovering, we put you back on your feet in the fastest possible way.

This facility offers several therapies, which are indicated for people over 21 years old, after a health examination and consultation. The simplest, express drip, which consists of vitamin C with B complex, has a value of 490 AED; while the one with the highest price -1390 AED – is the “Ultimate Drip”, which combines ingredients such as vitamins C and B complex, amino acids, anti nausea, anti vomiting and glutathione, and this is described as the “champion of antioxidants”.

It also provides some treatments aimed at specific objectives, such as the aptly named “energy enhancement”, which acts on the immune system, and the “energy elevation”, indicated for athletes since it contains amino acids to maximize fat burning.

Associated risks

IV therapy Dubai treatment lasts for an average of half an hour. That is why, in the opinion of doctors at Health Call – a clinic that examines the clients and suggests ingredients of the IV drip – these places will soon be as common as beauty salons. In some years they will be appearing in all the streets,” they commented.

The “vitamin drip” was originally developed for cancer patients, whose vitamin levels had been affected by chemotherapy. However, they became popular when some celebrities such as Madonna and Rhianna confessed that they were using this “secret weapon” to revitalize their bodies.

It also offers an anti-aging action with anti-wrinkle effect. It makes the skin thinner because it speeds up its flaking and can be helpful for improving scars and for acne skins. However, this action is achieved faster with IV therapy in Dubai.

Having an antioxidant action, it also helps preventing wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Thanks to its soothing action, it is ideal for the most sensitive and intolerant skins.

Does IV Drip Really Work? Results, Composition and Side Effects

IV drip is a type of customized vitamin and mineral supplement administered through IV which aims to help improve immunity affected by the deficiency of vitamins and the stimulus to better health.

Other benefits from the IV drip Dubai are the maintenance of hair health, good joint’s health, boosting energy, sports recovery, improved mood etc. The aim is that the results obtained with the use of the IV drip improve in an almost immediate way.

The medical experts at Health Call say that in some cases, results already begin to appear in the first day of use of the IV therapy, but that the most noticeable benefits are developed during the first week of use of the drip, on average.

Let’s get to know IV drip Dubai better and try to find out if it really works?

The composition of IV drip

According to the type of benefits you want to achieve from the drip, you can get that type of drip tailored to your needs. There are different types of IV drips and packages available at Health Call. Each package has related composition of vitamins and minerals to achieve specific benefits.

Does IV drip really work?

The experts explain that IV therapy offered by Health Call is not fully effective in the complete dealing of any condition, weight loss, for example. However, it is just an immense natural support to boost the health, in general.

There is still a chance that the person will suffer from problems again after a long time if the good level of nutrition is not maintained naturally with food.

In many health conditions, as the experts explain, the use of the IV drip Dubai will also be very worthwhile, since the body will not be able to absorb all the vitamins and minerals supplied through food and the body absorbs much more through IV.

The best way to know if IV therapy will work or not for your particular case is to consult a medical expert at Health Call before beginning to use the IV drip. The professional will evaluate your case, analyze the composition of the drip and thus determine if it really can help you.

Consultation with the medical expert before starting IV drip treatment is also essential to make sure it is not contraindicated to you, can not harm or interact with any medicine, supplement or medicinal plant you are already using.

It is also essential for the Doctor to define the dosage to be used of the IV drip to ensure that you take a dose that is not only efficient for you but mostly does not harm your health.

In excess, even vitamins and minerals, like substances found in the composition of IV drip, can do harm to the body.

Are there any side effects from IV drip?

However, according to official Health Call website information, there are no side effects associated with the IV drip.

However, if you experience any type of adverse reaction during your treatment with IV therapy, seek medical advice even if the symptom in question does not appear to be serious.

As we have seen above, excess vitamins and minerals such as compounds found in the composition of IV drip Dubai can be harmful to health, so it is necessary to be alert to the appearance of different and unexpected signs and reactions in the body. However, under the correct and supervised administration from the experts at Health Call the benefits outweigh any rare negatives.